We are looking for historical photos to add to our archives and website!!

The Turner Valley Oilfield Society is looking for photos of the Turner Valley Gas Plant and oilfield area during the time the plant was in operation.

Do you have old photos of the Turner Valley Oilfields, photos of the plant, drilling rigs, pumpjacks, batteries and other oilfield equipment, the Town of Turner Valley or Black Diamond and surrounding areas? Or perhaps photos of plant employees and employees on the job?

It is preferred that all images are provided in jpeg format. Alternately we are able to scan any photos you might wish to contribute. A few words to explain photo contents would be much appreciated either in person or email.

Please email or call 403.354.2468 for more information and to receive the photo submission form. The form is also available to download below.

Senders will be given credit for photos.

Jack Bowman Interpretive Trail.

The TVOS wishes to thank the following donors for their contributions to the Jack Bowman Interpretive Trail.



The TVOS Board and several engaged members have been developing a Strategic Plan that will guide the Society’s activities over the next five years.  Judy Hansen of Impact8, Inc., Calgary, has facilitated discussions and prepared working drafts of the Plan.  The Board will consider adoption of the draft plan at its next meeting.  This, along with other activities aimed at enhancing the operations of the Society and upgrading the TVOS Website, was made possible by a grant from the Calgary Foundation.

TVOS Strategic Plan 2017 to 2021 approved May 2017